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Dance, Dance, Dance

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Hello Tuesday. This is how I used to draw as a kid. I almost lost the angles, trying the photorealism that my school was so fond of. There was not much room for creativity, anything that did not portray the ultimate likeness to real life was not even considered a drawing. I got in neverending trouble for drawing however I wanted. I am still in love with angles, maybe because they line up real life, this way of drawing is still my favourite, I guess I am still 5 and a half. 
Photorealistic drawing requires specific skills, mainly extraordinary observation and a very steady hand, but it does not make for a better quality drawing.
I believe everybody can draw, if only they dare to sketch up their realities however they want to perceive them instead of trying a classic way to replicate how daily light hits.
Hey! Teacher! Leave the kids alone!
                   ''Dance, Dance. Dance' © BB Nielsen 2011


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