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Trek to the Oasis

Kategori: Bondays Curiosities

On Bondays we celebrate not having 9-5 jobs by doing all the things we dreamt about doing while we had 9-5 jobs. Now that we live out in the (low) Mojave desert, we are spoiled for choice. A few weeks ago we drove up the road to the Coachella Valley Preserve Oasis.
I knew Oasis existed, but I was not prepared for how they make you feel once you step under 60ft tall lush palm trees. The world turns all sorts of green and aquamarines, the Californian glow turns the air pink and there is water, in the middle of absolute desert. Lots of water. So much water that these gigantic palm trees are over a hundred years old. All these pictures were taken with an iphone within an early afternoon, and somehow, the sky looks so different from one to the next. You look behind you, and as far as you can see there are only arid dirt roads, boulders, cacti, rocks, mountains... And ahead of you, this! They should change the name to 'Jurassic Park'.
The last picture is of a mini oasis nearby. Bring a hammock.


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