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Poem from 'Fear the Poet'. BB Nielsen (c) 2012

Juxtaposed and Cubed

Kategori: Figured Saturdays

Every now and then, I juxtapose the Defaced Vogues and then I illustrate them. 
BB Nielsen (c) 2012
'Here It Is Looking At You Kid'


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Considering it was her125th anniversary a few weeks ago, I thought I would share an article I posted on my Architecture and Interior Design blog.

Marco PHO Grassi

Kategori: Throwback Thursdays

Every time I make public one of my abstracts, I think of Marco. I wouldn't even dream of putting those out there had I not met him. Although I have painted textured sounds since I can remember, once I realised they made me 'weird', I kept them hidden.
Rewind to a cold East London afternoon a few years ago, we were prepping our boards for Bazaart's Live Painting Event and talking (Ita-Spanglish we call it) with Brice on French to English duties. Marco got very serious with me all of a sudden. Which is a feat, considering he was wearing a hooded painters crazy overall zipped up to his nose. 
- 'Brice says your abstracts are very well. Show to me'
- 'No'
- 'Sì. 'Where can I see?'
- 'Nowhere'
- 'WHY NOT?!'
- 'I paint strange'
- '... ?! ...THAT'S A WHY YES!!'
And of course he was right. He is always right. Especially when it comes to colour and composition and movement and depth and texture. I find Marco's work an inspiration beyond urban scars.
PHO up close:

Keep yourself updated with some PHO goodness.
Marco, from the last angle of my abstract heart: Grazie mille. Hope we see you soon in California. Bx

Escape from LA

Kategori: Textured Wednesdays

This diptych happened as soon as we moved to the desert, first thing I ever painted in my new studio, now long ago painted over. I guess I needed LA to be filed away somewhere inside my head.
I found a lot of 'whitewash' in LA - The constant humming of electricity and far away voices and traffic, it is so constant that only when I first spent the night out here I realised that the California light is a lot warmer than I had experienced up to that point.
Consequently I made my entire bedroom white. There is something very comforting about the Sounds of the Living.

                                              'Escape from LA (I + I)' - Details - Each 2' x 3'
                                                    Sound Landscape (Both 2' x 6')