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Juxtaposed Bondays

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Every time I can, I get my hands on an iphone. I wished the Overlay App was available to Androids. It certainly beats solitaire. I have always been a big lover of double exposures and juxtaposed imagery and now I can make my own. Freeplay for all!
Bon Nielsen (c) 2013 - More on my I.G. @Mohave_blue


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Another Bonday, another great soul to be ever so proud of knowing. Mr. Monk is one of those people that make you feel so lucky to have as a friend, over coffee, over cigarrettes, over paint spilt tables. He always carries something under his hat that would make you want to find a corner and some pen and paper and create your own. 
I was an instant fan of his work a few years ago back in Londontown. I thought he was briliant then, but somehow he has not stopped going places, digging further, taking his visual poetry wherever you dare yourself go.
Nowadays, everything he shares, all those worlds he hides in his hair, I just find simply extraordinary.
Here are a couple of the paintings he showed at Soze Gallery back at the end of February.
'Arlequeen' by Jaybo Monk
The following are some of his latest creations. (Graphite, Charcoal, Gouache on Fabriano 300g Paper.)
Drawings like no other. Exhibited at Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin 'Running with the Hunted'

You may think you are not in love until you find those in your dreams. Be warned.
I leave you today with a great video on Monk himself, shot by Rogier Postma. The finalised piece made me cry, absolute beauty makes a wuss out of me. The tryptic is not bad either. 
We miss you Jay, bring your hat back to California soon. Bon x

Trek to the Oasis

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On Bondays we celebrate not having 9-5 jobs by doing all the things we dreamt about doing while we had 9-5 jobs. Now that we live out in the (low) Mojave desert, we are spoiled for choice. A few weeks ago we drove up the road to the Coachella Valley Preserve Oasis.
I knew Oasis existed, but I was not prepared for how they make you feel once you step under 60ft tall lush palm trees. The world turns all sorts of green and aquamarines, the Californian glow turns the air pink and there is water, in the middle of absolute desert. Lots of water. So much water that these gigantic palm trees are over a hundred years old. All these pictures were taken with an iphone within an early afternoon, and somehow, the sky looks so different from one to the next. You look behind you, and as far as you can see there are only arid dirt roads, boulders, cacti, rocks, mountains... And ahead of you, this! They should change the name to 'Jurassic Park'.
The last picture is of a mini oasis nearby. Bring a hammock.


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Another week, another Bonday, currently enjoying these guys music. 'Tears of the Moosechaser' are an americana/noise band straight out of the Mojave via LA.
Sounds of sand, whiskey, wood and rusty metal. 
I lack the music knowledge to review their style, however if you would like to know more about them and their album, Mr. Alder Bloom from American Pancake is more than capable to do the honours. I like their music because it has so many layers of strings and an impecable orquestration, because they are not background music and because the lyrics are true poems to an era that we still have much to learn from. 
I am watching them live at 'Red Handed Festival' in Topanga, CA - Aug 4th, all day all-timey music and variety show from 2pm - 8pm, free entry (donation based) and you get free barbeque. I mean, seriously. 

Simon Rouby's Caltrans Show

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As it happens, I have very talented friends. Introducing Monsieur Rouby and one of his projects, which has been going on for the last 5 years. Constant traveller that he is, he decided to draw a parallel to the abstract expressionism of the crisp lines delineating our daily motions. The road strippers at Caltrans cover more mileage than any of us will ever get to paint, they follow complex guidelines and keep us all driving as safe as we are capable of. Simon shadowed them and filmed them at work also enabling them to run their trucks through canvasses. There are real people behind every single line that you drive by, every inch, every corner your turn, every yield you make, they are watching out for you. It's mundane, it is beautiful, it is a quiet map of our cities infrastructure.
The show is up at the Caltrans HQ in dtLA until the end of September 2012. Here are some snaps from the opening, which included a short film by Rouby and audio designed by Sage Lewis. 
Downtown LA was a hub of excitement Thursday night. Add an Art Walk to an Occupy Wall Street protest and you get the LAPD being fuller than their usual selves. As we were happily chalking away early in the afternoon (advertising for the show and handing out leaflets) we got detained and lectured on the 1st amendment. We were held behind our own Yellow Line and had to wait on the Sergeant to come and establish whether we were as 'dangerous' as the 'Occupy mob'. Chalking the pavement was illegal (on that specific Thursday night). It must be nice, to be able to make up rules as it suits, especially if you can justify the unnecessary violence and chaos inflicted throughout the night. 
Interviewed by Drew Tewksbury here.


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Today is Bonday.
On Bondays I try my best to slack off from actually doing any work. As a high five to myself for all the 8 am meetings I had to endure throughout my twenties. 
I am watching Eraserhead (not a first), amazed at the quality of work happening while I had not even learned to suck my thumb... Lots of catching up to do.
Black and white movies are pretty much the ones I enjoy watcing the most, it is not because they are vintage, or have a nostalgia to them, less over produced, analog sound or more compelling stories, it is because my colourful add ons travel through a black and white field of images without feeling invasive. When there is too much colour around me I feel crowded. Black and white rooms, films and book pages are the perfect background for a sound attack. 
It's 46C/115F outside and I am not brave enough to walk across my patio to open my studio, so here is to me and Mr. Lynch. Love him or hate him, Eraserhead is one in a million, disturbing in so many levels that it would destroy any future perfect nightmares one may have but in some way, so spiritual. Hands down fascinating and gross in equal meassures.