Life, Works and Synesthesia

Desert Living

Kategori: Fridays Decor

A quick fashion note on a beautiful shot from my Architecture blog

London Walls 2009

Kategori: Synesthesia

A Paste-up I did on glass a while back, a version of it was up on a couple of walls in West London. It feels like a lifetime ago! Great times.
Bon Nielsen (c) 2009


Kategori: Synesthesia

As an ode to an old favourite song of mine by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, 'Walking On The Milky Way', I made this for my kitchen, nothing like that first coffee in the morning and a reminder of a song that tells me to be on my way to Venus.
Bon Nielsen (c) 2012

Defacing Vogues

Kategori: Cubed Tuesdays

Another cubed beautiful lady. More on Defacing Vogues in a previous entry.
Bon Nielsen (c) 2013