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FEAR THE POET - Starry Walls

Kategori: Poetic Sundays


I woke up this morning with glide in my eyes
and bones portruding from my temples
looking like a defaced Monroe
the moon seemed to whisper in my hair
'the rockets are ready for the launch
and the sandwiches we made were left on the counter
I can hear empty triangles
and the ink glittens in the dark
lighting up the ceiling
you are sweating next to me
breathing slowly sound sleep
I am watching you with one eye
the smoke coming out of your nostrils
almost visible
and with a kiss I steal from you
I go back to my pillows
sinking into the dark side of a starry wall
so full of secrets
 Poem from 'Fear the Poet'. BB Nielsen (c) 2012


  • Emily säger:


    Svar: Glad you do! Book is coming out soon, will eventually need an address to mail you one xo
    Bon (Bon) Nielsen

    2012-09-29 | 20:12:08

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