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London Walls 2009

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A Paste-up I did on glass a while back, a version of it was up on a couple of walls in West London. It feels like a lifetime ago! Great times.
Bon Nielsen (c) 2009

Marco PHO Grassi

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Every time I make public one of my abstracts, I think of Marco. I wouldn't even dream of putting those out there had I not met him. Although I have painted textured sounds since I can remember, once I realised they made me 'weird', I kept them hidden.
Rewind to a cold East London afternoon a few years ago, we were prepping our boards for Bazaart's Live Painting Event and talking (Ita-Spanglish we call it) with Brice on French to English duties. Marco got very serious with me all of a sudden. Which is a feat, considering he was wearing a hooded painters crazy overall zipped up to his nose. 
- 'Brice says your abstracts are very well. Show to me'
- 'No'
- 'Sì. 'Where can I see?'
- 'Nowhere'
- 'WHY NOT?!'
- 'I paint strange'
- '... ?! ...THAT'S A WHY YES!!'
And of course he was right. He is always right. Especially when it comes to colour and composition and movement and depth and texture. I find Marco's work an inspiration beyond urban scars.
PHO up close:

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Marco, from the last angle of my abstract heart: Grazie mille. Hope we see you soon in California. Bx

David Shillinglaw

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Enter Sandman: 
I was tattooing a love heart to some girl, but she couldn't remember the guy's name. I had 8 left eyes, and she was telling me about this nameless guy. She wanted her love-heart to burn his name inside of it once tattooed. At this point we entered a very weird state of mind, the realm turned penciled (b&w) illustration, as if we were inside a comic strip, and we couldn't find any doors. I arranged a few lines to form a pencil and then a door, but the door only took me to a room with no depth, full of illustrated stuff, but no depth. And just like that, one hand (David's drawing-style of hand) animated itself and crossed the 'vignette' and pointed the dimensions of the space. It carried on around the rest of the dreamspace grabbing some things and knocking others over, found the girl and mimed: 'Leave him in the Highway'. 

I woke up laughing at myself and grabbed pen and book and illustrated whilst it was fresh. 
Here is to one of my favourite people in the world, I leave you with a tiny sample of David's extensive body of work, some of his travels Diary Entries. There are some from Gambia, Paris, Osaka and Berlin and it is taking me all day to decide which ones to show you as I am fascinated by every single one. I am not even looking at his paintings or his murals.
Dods is constantly doing, traveling, thinking, singing, making coffee, screaming inside books, writing, on walls, on ceilings, on pavements, on your forehead, colouring cities, loving, skipping and a -jumpin'. 
Try to keep up with him if you can catch him!
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Top 100

Kategori: Throwback Thursdays

A while back I was contacted out of the blue by a fellow painter, Mr. Graham Carrick, who introduced me to The TOP 100, an open submission art exhibition inviting artists to submit work inspired by a piece of music, lyric or a musical artist. This could be a fantasy album cover for a favourite artist or an interpretation of a song or lyric. Photography, painting, print, drawing, graphics, comic strip, collage or whatever medium was a Go as long as it was a 2D 12"x12" (record sleeve size).
Back then I was still shy about my abstracts, fending on the illustration sidelines so instead of finding a complicated favourite song/album/artist and with 24 hours to enter the contest, I went for the first two songs that came up on a random shuffle.
As always, when I try to be cool, the universe is sporting a royal flush. Ever so casually.
Sticking to both choices, I had no time to waste, I just went for it paying a little homage to 2000AD comics in both backgrounds, for some reason the true campiness linked everything together, in my mind at least.
1. 'Yes Sir, I Can Boogie' by Baccara
2. 'Robot Rock' by Daft Punk 
Glad I owned up to the choices, both got shortlisted, Daft Punk's stayed amongst the top 10 and Baccara's was 2nd runner up.
Cookies for everybody!

Pirates of the Galaxy

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Here are some of my girls that got pasted around London a few years ago. The series are called 'Pirates of the Galaxy' - A fleet of alien girls from the future. 


Kategori: Throwback Thursdays

Once a week I like to look back at my London years. I miss my friends and walking around. 
I illustrate, ink and (used to) paste away around London streets. Cities should not exist to begin with, defacing them in any way is just a beautiful crime. Then I realised I didn't particularly enjoy living in big cities, all that glossy grim and detachment rubs in so I moved to a fawaway desert-land where I don't feel the need to beautify corners. 
Trees grow out of rocks in here. How can anyone top that?
7' tall 'Essence' at Upfest Festival in Bristol'09