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I am told I was a lovely kid for the first few years, quiet and industrious, seen but never heard type of 'thing', always in some well lit corner reading and surrounded with pens and crayons and ink.
Plain white paper did not do it for me, I needed already-there backgrounds. It started with money notes, which my dad had no problem with but my mom was horrified and kept wallets in high shelves. Then I stepped into newspapers but the ink destroys my fingers, so... I moved into her VOGUE magazines. Talk about 'horrifying mom', she called me 'Damian' (devil child) for years. 
This is to this day (it has been decades) how I doodle whilst my mind tidies up itself. It's a constant, and probably subconscious study of Light.
We are all engineered the same. Just a bunch of angles hit by the sun. The fascination for what's beautiful has always amazed me. I pick up more on people's colours and tones than on actual facial features, so I don't see the fuss about Handsomeness. I guess that as a kid I attacked fashion magazines to deconstruct beauty. To understand the ratio or the harmony behind what's a 'beautiful face'. I had a broken face and live scars for a while, maybe because I was too young to care (9) it didn't bother me, but there was talk of plastic reconstruction around me. Luckily it healed by itself, sort of, but at that point I started analysing bone structures (on photographs) as there are no voice distractions to them.
I am still none the wiser, I love angles, but there are angles in all of us. The trick is to find the right angle that would highlight one's features and then play with shadows until it fits. And voila! (Unless they have a nasal, whiny, yappy voice) - Everybody is quite beautiful!
I am constantly on the look out for further collaborations with fashion/editorial photographers that would allow me to cube or paint their images, of course I would credit their work and if put up for sale, share the potential profits. (Or just simply let me enjoy being inspired by their work.) If anybody knows someone of interest or interested, please leave me a comment clicking on 'Kommentarer'' below. Thank you very much!


  • Emily säger:

    ... I'm going to pass this blog entry onto some friends - fashion designers/photographers - a couple here - but more in NZ - see what happens

    bloggy blog don't stop - only for break/dancing


    Svar: Thanks a million, I would love to collaborate.
    Bon (Bon) Nielsen

    2012-09-29 | 20:10:00

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