Life, Works and Synesthesia


Kategori: Cubed Tuesdays

Here is one of my old time favourite ladies. For her intelligence, for her attitude, for her music, for her musing, for her drive, for her beauty, for being banned, for staying clear from drug habits, for still being alive, for not apologising for challenging people, for introducing Hendrix and Sly Stone to Miles Davis. The Absolute Queen of Funk.
For reasons I can not explain Funk music has a lot of black and white when it processes through my head. Drums and most beats turn my background black and a slap bass with a wah pedal makes anything a bright shade of white, which melts into voices perfectly. It is far from simple though, the complexity and syncopation of the beats folds patterns upon themselves, twisting and spiralling and merging with the bass and the singing (most of rich, quality voices are a sharp white, and create vivid shapes).
This is how I trip out any given day. 


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