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Simon Rouby's Caltrans Show

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As it happens, I have very talented friends. Introducing Monsieur Rouby and one of his projects, which has been going on for the last 5 years. Constant traveller that he is, he decided to draw a parallel to the abstract expressionism of the crisp lines delineating our daily motions. The road strippers at Caltrans cover more mileage than any of us will ever get to paint, they follow complex guidelines and keep us all driving as safe as we are capable of. Simon shadowed them and filmed them at work also enabling them to run their trucks through canvasses. There are real people behind every single line that you drive by, every inch, every corner your turn, every yield you make, they are watching out for you. It's mundane, it is beautiful, it is a quiet map of our cities infrastructure.
The show is up at the Caltrans HQ in dtLA until the end of September 2012. Here are some snaps from the opening, which included a short film by Rouby and audio designed by Sage Lewis. 
Downtown LA was a hub of excitement Thursday night. Add an Art Walk to an Occupy Wall Street protest and you get the LAPD being fuller than their usual selves. As we were happily chalking away early in the afternoon (advertising for the show and handing out leaflets) we got detained and lectured on the 1st amendment. We were held behind our own Yellow Line and had to wait on the Sergeant to come and establish whether we were as 'dangerous' as the 'Occupy mob'. Chalking the pavement was illegal (on that specific Thursday night). It must be nice, to be able to make up rules as it suits, especially if you can justify the unnecessary violence and chaos inflicted throughout the night. 
Interviewed by Drew Tewksbury here.


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