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Another week, another Bonday, currently enjoying these guys music. 'Tears of the Moosechaser' are an americana/noise band straight out of the Mojave via LA.
Sounds of sand, whiskey, wood and rusty metal. 
I lack the music knowledge to review their style, however if you would like to know more about them and their album, Mr. Alder Bloom from American Pancake is more than capable to do the honours. I like their music because it has so many layers of strings and an impecable orquestration, because they are not background music and because the lyrics are true poems to an era that we still have much to learn from. 
I am watching them live at 'Red Handed Festival' in Topanga, CA - Aug 4th, all day all-timey music and variety show from 2pm - 8pm, free entry (donation based) and you get free barbeque. I mean, seriously. 


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