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A while back I was contacted out of the blue by a fellow painter, Mr. Graham Carrick, who introduced me to The TOP 100, an open submission art exhibition inviting artists to submit work inspired by a piece of music, lyric or a musical artist. This could be a fantasy album cover for a favourite artist or an interpretation of a song or lyric. Photography, painting, print, drawing, graphics, comic strip, collage or whatever medium was a Go as long as it was a 2D 12"x12" (record sleeve size).
Back then I was still shy about my abstracts, fending on the illustration sidelines so instead of finding a complicated favourite song/album/artist and with 24 hours to enter the contest, I went for the first two songs that came up on a random shuffle.
As always, when I try to be cool, the universe is sporting a royal flush. Ever so casually.
Sticking to both choices, I had no time to waste, I just went for it paying a little homage to 2000AD comics in both backgrounds, for some reason the true campiness linked everything together, in my mind at least.
1. 'Yes Sir, I Can Boogie' by Baccara
2. 'Robot Rock' by Daft Punk 
Glad I owned up to the choices, both got shortlisted, Daft Punk's stayed amongst the top 10 and Baccara's was 2nd runner up.
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