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After many years of fighting social networking and trying to keep up with my own website, I find myself wanting to have a more direct dialogue with anyone interested. I paint, I write poetry, I laugh too much.
Contrary to popular belief, people who are dedicated to Art (of any kind) work constantly. There are no days off, no logging out at 5. Something always triggers a frantic search for anything to make a note to self, be it mid-morning coffee or mid cloud bursting.
My brain suffers from colour excess (audio-video synesthesia), hence this my virtual home will stay as black and white as my desert home. You may also notice that every post has a day-of-the-week topic. I am not that scheduled in real life, I work on different things any given day, however setting the publishings to a weekly routine allows me more flexibility.
My reasons for this blog don't have much of an ego foundation, but instead, a need to show my appreciation and eternal gratitude to the universal forces that allow me to make something everyday. 
Talk to me, comment and ask me anything, teach me something and I will try and cruise you through my life as a synesthete. 
Thank you for Free-play.
Bon x


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