Life, Works and Synesthesia


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These two girls came up whilst listening to Radiohead. I did not paint them via synesthesia, I find that most of Radiohead's music is very white, almost as if Thom Yorke's voice was mixed as an additional instrument, and it takes over because he tends to sing throughout the entirety of their songs. I am a huge fan of their music. Hail to their sound engineer, painting any of their songs with patterns and textures will be a challenge like no other, the layering seems to twirl into the infinite and I would forever be trying to deconstruct the songs just to find out where to begin the painting from. Maybe one day, the first time I listened to 'The King of Limbs' I sat there not listening to the lyrics, just crying out of soundscapes. Although it is nowhere near (real) noise/experimental music, and I would love for them to push further that way, it incapacitated me to do anything for the rest of the day. This from someone who finds Merzbow perfect for centering. I laid on the floor, crying happily and let them beam me way outterspace. So far only some of Zeppelin, Coltrane, Betty Davis, Pink Floyd, Hendrix and Cpt. Beefheart had driven that ship. 
The lady on the left  was inspired by Kid A's 'How to disappear completely', in particular by the line 'I walk through walls', the little girl on the white dress belongs to OK Computer's 'Paranoid Android', line being 'When I am king, you will be the first against a wall', in this case, when 'she' is 'queen'. The originals are bright coloured, their skins an electric blue, the background of the 'Queenie' is a very sharp edged red. 


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