Life, Works and Synesthesia

Fear The Poet - Somehow Daytime

Kategori: Poetic Sundays

thick snow falls this spring
from here I can see the thieves
gambling your wishes away
amongst sparkling golden lamps
inside your left hand
trying to scratch it out
you live nowhere
you need nothing
and they are angry they cannot touch you
why do you still feel you have to be on the run?
they can not touch you
don't need to pay for living
can't afford to survive
and in every corner
the youth falling apart
shaking their heads
staring at the cards they got
the house always takes it all
and I stare into the neighbourhoods of my night
and the city lights trap me in
if I was any better at lying
I would tell you
that I can't fall in love with you
(c) BB Nielsen 2013 - Fear The Poet


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