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Since I can remember I have been wishing upon my own habitat to do whatever I want to the space. It became a bit of an obssession after I began serial renting attending university and working in a foreign country. Tired of renting, finally at 34 we managed to get a place of our own in the low Mojave Desert, CA. London's property was impossible to own and Los Angeles was getting hectic and felt unsafe, the sun was not making it shine anymore, so here we are, out in the desert, Joshua Tree National Park up the road and Mid Century Modern gems round the corner. 
Needless to say we are quickly running out of wall space but it is in constant turnaround. Like this blog, our home is as black and white as possible, although both our studios self drenched in a colourful chaos without consult.  
Until we can afford updating doors, I spray-painted the scary golden doorknobs Montana Black and made an angular shape around them. It will have to do for the years being.     


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