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Wall Of Fame And Shame

Kategori: Fridays Decor

When we moved into our home, it looked like it had been bombed with a deadly vanilla sorbet. Everything was caked on cream and magnolia and just plain, plain, plain everywhere. I didn't mind the plain or boring walls, but I did mind they were a pastel shade of fake ice cream. With Paint in the brain, I went for a black wall in the lounge to get me through the weeks before taking on the full job of whitening the place. One black wall in a vanilla house is an effective way to break things up. Since then, we have turned all the creams into whites and added a few more black walls for good measure. 
Here is my Wall of Fame and Shame displaying little windows of the trajectory of my illustrations through the years. There is photorealistic, which nobody succeeded at making me enjoy, but the lady portrayed is my amona and I like having her around. There are some Marvel style drawings, some 2000 AD style, some cubed, and more recently some Pirates of the Galaxy, cherry on top is the suitcase boombox, exchanged through Soze Gallery for a midnight poem. 


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