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Branchlers (a combination of Branches and Antlers) are nothing new these days, but I had a drawing I made age 11 that I was never able to bring to a wall. In comes my (sound) engineer partner-in-all-crimes.
He takes a look at my cockeyed drawing, blinks a few times. Tilts head. Swallows snickering - I am watching like a hawk, his dinner depends on it - then he slowly tells me he knows how to mount antlers. I know where to find branches (dead oleanders where art thou?!) so we divided and try to conquer. 
Joined effort, as in, I made a terrible drawing, trimmed a couple of dead oleanders from the side of the house, and gave both to him.
He later told me he thought it was a stupid idea (he had originally referred to it as a 'very European thing to do') but after wrestling with the branches, the windspan, the weight, the hold-ups and whatever aerodynamics engineering (almost dangerous!!) situations he encountered, he gained some respect for the project.
He eventually admitted he wants one in his studio. Can I get a 'yeehaaww' then.


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