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Desert Living

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A quick fashion note on a beautiful shot from my Architecture blog

London Walls 2009

Kategori: Synesthesia

A Paste-up I did on glass a while back, a version of it was up on a couple of walls in West London. It feels like a lifetime ago! Great times.
Bon Nielsen (c) 2009


Kategori: Synesthesia

As an ode to an old favourite song of mine by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, 'Walking On The Milky Way', I made this for my kitchen, nothing like that first coffee in the morning and a reminder of a song that tells me to be on my way to Venus.
Bon Nielsen (c) 2012

Defacing Vogues

Kategori: Cubed Tuesdays

Another cubed beautiful lady. More on Defacing Vogues in a previous entry.
Bon Nielsen (c) 2013

Juxtaposed Bondays

Kategori: Bondays Curiosities

Every time I can, I get my hands on an iphone. I wished the Overlay App was available to Androids. It certainly beats solitaire. I have always been a big lover of double exposures and juxtaposed imagery and now I can make my own. Freeplay for all!
Bon Nielsen (c) 2013 - More on my I.G. @Mohave_blue


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Poem from 'Fear the Poet'. BB Nielsen (c) 2012

Juxtaposed and Cubed

Kategori: Figured Saturdays

Every now and then, I juxtapose the Defaced Vogues and then I illustrate them. 
BB Nielsen (c) 2012
'Here It Is Looking At You Kid'


Kategori: Fridays Decor

Considering it was her125th anniversary a few weeks ago, I thought I would share an article I posted on my Architecture and Interior Design blog.

Marco PHO Grassi

Kategori: Throwback Thursdays

Every time I make public one of my abstracts, I think of Marco. I wouldn't even dream of putting those out there had I not met him. Although I have painted textured sounds since I can remember, once I realised they made me 'weird', I kept them hidden.
Rewind to a cold East London afternoon a few years ago, we were prepping our boards for Bazaart's Live Painting Event and talking (Ita-Spanglish we call it) with Brice on French to English duties. Marco got very serious with me all of a sudden. Which is a feat, considering he was wearing a hooded painters crazy overall zipped up to his nose. 
- 'Brice says your abstracts are very well. Show to me'
- 'No'
- 'Sì. 'Where can I see?'
- 'Nowhere'
- 'WHY NOT?!'
- 'I paint strange'
- '... ?! ...THAT'S A WHY YES!!'
And of course he was right. He is always right. Especially when it comes to colour and composition and movement and depth and texture. I find Marco's work an inspiration beyond urban scars.
PHO up close:

Keep yourself updated with some PHO goodness.
Marco, from the last angle of my abstract heart: Grazie mille. Hope we see you soon in California. Bx

Escape from LA

Kategori: Textured Wednesdays

This diptych happened as soon as we moved to the desert, first thing I ever painted in my new studio, now long ago painted over. I guess I needed LA to be filed away somewhere inside my head.
I found a lot of 'whitewash' in LA - The constant humming of electricity and far away voices and traffic, it is so constant that only when I first spent the night out here I realised that the California light is a lot warmer than I had experienced up to that point.
Consequently I made my entire bedroom white. There is something very comforting about the Sounds of the Living.

                                              'Escape from LA (I + I)' - Details - Each 2' x 3'
                                                    Sound Landscape (Both 2' x 6')


Kategori: Cubed Tuesdays

A couple more samples as of why my mom called me 'Damian - Demon child', explained in more detail in a previous entry.


Kategori: Bondays Curiosities

Another Bonday, another great soul to be ever so proud of knowing. Mr. Monk is one of those people that make you feel so lucky to have as a friend, over coffee, over cigarrettes, over paint spilt tables. He always carries something under his hat that would make you want to find a corner and some pen and paper and create your own. 
I was an instant fan of his work a few years ago back in Londontown. I thought he was briliant then, but somehow he has not stopped going places, digging further, taking his visual poetry wherever you dare yourself go.
Nowadays, everything he shares, all those worlds he hides in his hair, I just find simply extraordinary.
Here are a couple of the paintings he showed at Soze Gallery back at the end of February.
'Arlequeen' by Jaybo Monk
The following are some of his latest creations. (Graphite, Charcoal, Gouache on Fabriano 300g Paper.)
Drawings like no other. Exhibited at Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin 'Running with the Hunted'

You may think you are not in love until you find those in your dreams. Be warned.
I leave you today with a great video on Monk himself, shot by Rogier Postma. The finalised piece made me cry, absolute beauty makes a wuss out of me. The tryptic is not bad either. 
We miss you Jay, bring your hat back to California soon. Bon x

FEAR THE POET - Starry Walls

Kategori: Poetic Sundays


I woke up this morning with glide in my eyes
and bones portruding from my temples
looking like a defaced Monroe
the moon seemed to whisper in my hair
'the rockets are ready for the launch
and the sandwiches we made were left on the counter
I can hear empty triangles
and the ink glittens in the dark
lighting up the ceiling
you are sweating next to me
breathing slowly sound sleep
I am watching you with one eye
the smoke coming out of your nostrils
almost visible
and with a kiss I steal from you
I go back to my pillows
sinking into the dark side of a starry wall
so full of secrets
 Poem from 'Fear the Poet'. BB Nielsen (c) 2012

Ellen Lane

Kategori: Figured Saturdays

I would like to introduce my friend Ellen Lane's works today. Every one of them has a beautiful story from a particular time and space, a nudge to life and a lesson in all the emotions of the rainbow. Ellen is one of those powerful artists that are able to share through layers and hues. Seen from afar make one walk closer. Once there, face to face with the story, one finds more layers of coded little stitches that walk you deeper into a forest of quiet conversations. 
I was not able to pick a few favourites, so I am sharing all I could get photographed. Even more on her website.
A lot can be learned from my friend. I admire Ellen not just for her sense of colour and her ability to share secrets under layers of paint, but her sense of adventure, determination, outlook in the many lives she has travelled and above all, her full smile to whatever may come her way. 
Yeah Darlin' go make it happen 
Take the world in a love embrace 
Fire all of your guns at once 
And explode into space.
Much love, 
Bon x

Room Details Part II

Kategori: Fridays Decor

Just a little corner of what mornings are made of. Light, lots of, and a favourite quote from 'Where the Wild Things Snore Are'.  
The 'canvas' (aprox 5x5 ft) is a piece of flooring from a theatre, the line chalked in will change if ever bored of it.
Reuse, reduce recycle!