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A couple more samples as of why my mom called me 'Damian - Demon child', explained in more detail in a previous entry.


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Another Bonday, another great soul to be ever so proud of knowing. Mr. Monk is one of those people that make you feel so lucky to have as a friend, over coffee, over cigarrettes, over paint spilt tables. He always carries something under his hat that would make you want to find a corner and some pen and paper and create your own. 
I was an instant fan of his work a few years ago back in Londontown. I thought he was briliant then, but somehow he has not stopped going places, digging further, taking his visual poetry wherever you dare yourself go.
Nowadays, everything he shares, all those worlds he hides in his hair, I just find simply extraordinary.
Here are a couple of the paintings he showed at Soze Gallery back at the end of February.
'Arlequeen' by Jaybo Monk
The following are some of his latest creations. (Graphite, Charcoal, Gouache on Fabriano 300g Paper.)
Drawings like no other. Exhibited at Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin 'Running with the Hunted'

You may think you are not in love until you find those in your dreams. Be warned.
I leave you today with a great video on Monk himself, shot by Rogier Postma. The finalised piece made me cry, absolute beauty makes a wuss out of me. The tryptic is not bad either. 
We miss you Jay, bring your hat back to California soon. Bon x

FEAR THE POET - Starry Walls

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I woke up this morning with glide in my eyes
and bones portruding from my temples
looking like a defaced Monroe
the moon seemed to whisper in my hair
'the rockets are ready for the launch
and the sandwiches we made were left on the counter
I can hear empty triangles
and the ink glittens in the dark
lighting up the ceiling
you are sweating next to me
breathing slowly sound sleep
I am watching you with one eye
the smoke coming out of your nostrils
almost visible
and with a kiss I steal from you
I go back to my pillows
sinking into the dark side of a starry wall
so full of secrets
 Poem from 'Fear the Poet'. BB Nielsen (c) 2012